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Representation of the women: the CSA receives the representatives of the radios

Official statement of the Friday, May 17, 2013

As it did on April 25th with the TV channels, the working group “Women's rights” chaired by Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette and whose vice-president is Françoise Laborde joined together on May 15th the whole of the representatives of the radios, in order to expose to them various work in the course of the group for year 2013/2014.

During this meeting, the radios overall expressed their will to work on this file. They gave a a report on the places of their policy as regards representation of the women to the antenna but also of their internal policy of company to improve the parity and the equality of the careers between men and women. They engaged, as far as their respective means, to operate a thorough follow-up, in particular quantitative of the presence of the women on their antennas, and with better promoting female expert testimony. It was agreed that they would establish this inventory of fixtures in writing as well as the priority axes which it would be advisable to improve in each one of their policy. A certain number of persons in charge of radios expressed the wish that campaigns of information are launched by the public authorities. The CSA supports this approach.

The Council, in agreement with the participants, will make public the written contributions which will be given to him within the framework of a report, for which the TV channels will be also requested, in order to contribute to the sensitizing of the whole of the sector and the largest audience on the problems of the women's rights in the audio-visual mediums.

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