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The FM radios

The FM radios

Today, France is one of the countries in the world best equipped out of FM radios. Their great diversity - more than 20% of them are associative -, and their number – nearly 900 private operators emit in the Hexagon - testify to a balanced and concerned regulation of the variety to the offer.

If one takes into account the whole of the stations, without the motorway networks of information, it is nearly 8,000 frequencies FM planned by the CSA which are used by the private radios and two public companies, Radio France and Network France overseas (RFO), which propose the ones and the others a very broad pallet of programs. The offer is supplemented by seven services of radios of motorway whose programs, diffused on a single frequency, are proposed on 107.7 MHz.

The coverage areas of the two public groups are complementary: Radio France covers the Metropolitan France and diffuses there, on the levels national or room, seven programs, RFO serves overseas with two networks. A third public company, Radio France international (RFI), is in charge of the external radiophonic action and emits in France on the FM tape only in Paris.


To consult the list of the frequencies radio FM


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Tested the Flister device

On July 24th, 2012, the Council authorized the firemen of Paris to carry out an experimentation of the device Flister, transmitting FM integrated in six vehicles of emergency reanimation. A report of experimentation was submitted to the Council with the beginning of the year 2013.


To consult the report of the experimentation of the Flister device by the firemen of Paris.


November 25th, 2013: Assizes of the radio

On November 25th, 2013 were held, on the initiative of the ministry for the Culture and the Communication and the CSA, Bases of the radio, with the museum of the Branly quay in Paris. Olivier Schrameck, president of the CSA, introduced the day. Aurélie Filippetti, Minister for the Culture and Transport, intervened to conclude it. Three round tables brought together professionals of the sector on the questions of contents, economy, technology and regulation.


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