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Assessment 2011 of Radio France

Publication date: Monday, December 10, 2012
The Letter of the CSA n° 266 - December 2012

The Council received, on October 16th, 2012, the leaders of Radio France, within the framework of the examination of the assessment 2011 of the company. The rate of audience of the group is in light progression.

Radio France continued to implement in 2011-2012 a certain number of commitments which it subscribed within the framework of the contract of objectives and means (COM) signed with the State over the period 2010-2014, by in particular continuing the extension of the networks of France Info, France Blue and Mouv', while bringing a greater visibility to the orchestras of the company on France Musique, and by supporting the development of new technologies with the continuation of the plan of restoration of the websites of the company, the deployment of audio and video readers, the remodelling of new portable applications and multiplication of interactive offers.
New orientations were put in work in the program timetables of the stations, with in particular a reinforcement of the appointments with political character from the point of view of the presidential election for 2012, the introduction of emissions devoted to the international topicality and opened to other cultures on France Inter and France Culture, a more important place granted to the women on France Inter and France Blue, and a reinforcement of the musical diffusion in the programs of France Musique and of Mouv'.

Some noted imbalances

Radio France answered overall the provisions of its specifications of the missions and during this exercise.
The Council observed that the company had fulfilled the missions which are reserved for him defense illustration of the cultural heritage and linguistics, of musical creation and dramatic, of obligations of public service, and which it had reinforced its action in order to promote a greater diversity of the national community in its programs.
Some imbalances however were noted taking into consideration political pluralism out and during the election time of cantonal of the March 20th and 27th, 2011 on France Inter and France Culture, like during the pre-electoral period of the presidential election, from March 20th to April 8th, 2012, on France Info, France Culture and France Musique. In the same way, the provisions of article 5 relating to were not respected and the protection respect for human dignity of the children and the teenagers in several emissions diffused on France Inter and France Culture, as those which relate to the exposure of the French song and the new talents, in particular on Mouv'. Failures with the regulation applicable to the company as regards publicity were also raised during the year 2012.
The Radio France group collected in 2011 an average audience cumulated in progression of 0.6 point compared to the preceding exercise (26% against 25,4% in 2010), mainly because of the profits recorded by France Info (9% against 8,4%) and by France Inter (10,5% against 10,2% in 2010; 11% in first half of the year 2012). The respective audiences of France Blue (7,1% per 7,2% in 2010), of France Culture (1,7% against 1,6%) and of France Musique (1,3% as in 2010) remained, as for them, stable.

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