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The FM radios

Hertzian public radio stations

Hertzian public radio stations

The FM radios

The radiophonic public service is ensured by three companies: Radio France, Network France overseas (RFO) and Radio France international (RFI). Missions specific, defined in a book of the missions and loads and in a contract of objectives and means signed with the State, are assigned with each one of them.

Their zones of geographical service road are complementary: Radio France covers the Metropolitan France, RFO serves overseas and RFI is in charge of the external radiophonic action.

Radio stations of Radio France

Radio France gathers:

  • 5 stations with national diffusion: France Inter, France Musique, France Culture, France Info and France Blue (France Blue is diffused in complement of the local programs specific to each decentralized station of Radio France).
  • Stations which diffuse locally: the decentralized stations of France Blue (currently, 43 stations propose a regional or local program), program FIP diffused from Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nantes, Strasbourg, Arcachon, Marseilles, Saint-Nazaire, Rennes and Toulouse, Mouv', programs bound for young people the present in about twenty big cities.
  • a program with diffusion European, Long-lived, musical program with dominant classic, complement of night of the program of France Musique. Distributed by the satellite and on the cable.
  • The bank of programs Sophia (information and chronicles), which is intended for the radios of category A and B, and whose digital diffusion is ensured by the Management of the development of the new products and multimedia (DPM) of Radio France.

Radio stations of Network France overseas (RFO)

Integrated into the group France Televisions, RFO has two radio operator networks (RFO 1, RFO 2) in the Dom-COM diffused by its nine regional stations (Martinique, Guyana, Guadeloupe, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Réunion, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna). However, with Wallis and Futuna and Mayotte only RFO 1 is diffused. The first network diffuses a local program (5 a.m. at midnight) supplemented the night by France Inter. The second network ensures the diffusion live at the programs of France Inter.

Radio stations of Radio France international (RFI)

RFI, subsidiary of France Media World, has the role of promoting abroad the language and the culture Frenchwomen, and of diffusing emissions for the French from abroad. Its programs must be the reflection of the political life, economic, scientific and cultural of France. RFI asserts more than thirty million listeners.
 The company serves the African continent, part of Eastern Europe, part of North America, the Caribbean, part of the South-East Asia and the Middle East. The programs are diffused primarily in French but also in thirteen foreign languages. RFI also diffuses a program in French language in Paris.

Hertzian public radio stations