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Temporary radios

How are the temporary radios authorized?

Temporary radios

The temporary request for authorization must be made near the territorial committee of audio-visual (CTA) in the spring of which the zone of diffusion is. The CTA communicates a file to be supplemented with the operators who make of it the request by telephone or mail. It is necessary to count one three months minimal period between the deposit of this file to the CTA and the date under consideration for the beginning of the diffusion.

The file to be returned to the CTA must comprise the following elements:

  • the form of identification of the candidate;
  • a letter of candidature and motivation;
  • detailed characteristics of the program (and, if possible, a grid of the programs);
  • the budget or conditions of financing of the radio;
  • features of emission;
  • the draft convention supplemented, initialed and signed by the president or the manager.

Obtaining the authorization is related to the conclusion of a convention between the CTA and the operator.

The authorization is published in the Official journal when the duration of emission is higher than one month.

At the end of the period of diffusion, the operator must present to the CTA a report on the activity of his radio.

Temporary radios

All the requests for temporary authorization are not inevitably satisfied, for various reasons among which the absence of frequency in the zone requested, the fact that the request emanates from an operator candidate within the framework of a call to the candidatures in progress on the zone, that it does not correspond to a temporary project for an extraordinary event but raises of a call to the candidatures or that it can cause to puncture the advertising market at a given time (commercial event, tourist period, etc), at the expense of already authorized radios.

Candidates' file for a temporary radio

Model of convention for a temporary radio

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