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Radio: roadmap 2018-2020 for the deployment of Usually +

Publication date: Wednesday, December 27, 2017
Plenary assembly of December 20th, 2017

Usually + is deployed in Paris, Marseilles and Nice on a total of 14 multiplexing at the conclusion of a first call to the candidatures. Two calls relating on the whole to 30 multiplexings are in hand in particular in Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Rouen, Douai-Lens, Strasbourg, Béthune, Valencians, Mulhouse, Dunkirk, Le Havre and Saint-Nazaire. The Council currently prepares the launching of a fourth call to Bordeaux and Toulouse on 7 multiplexings This call should also relate to the zones of Paris, Marseilles and Nice.

The Council held from July 27th to October 4th, 2017 a public consultation on the acceleration of the local deployment of Usually + and on the methods of organization of a metropolitan call to the candidatures. It received 47 contributions, representing the whole of the components of the radiophonic sector (editors and their trade unions, distributors, providing diffusion, operators of multiplexing, manufacturers of receivers).

At the conclusion of this consultation, the Council notes that the deployment of Usually +, that it is on the local scale or a metropolitan scale, is supported by a vast majority of contributors, that they are editors services of private radios or other actors (operators of multiplexing, diffusers, distributors). The public service also expresses its interest for the diffusion of all its antennas in Usually + since certain conditions would be met. For as much, this deployment still causes interrogations, even an opposition of certain private radiophonic groups. Lastly, the manufacturers of receivers pointed out the need for having a calendar of deployment, if possible fast, and for respecting it.

In a context of technology innovation and major evolution of the uses, convinced that the radio will remain gravitational media and can allure the Frenchwomen and French of all ages, the Council estimates that Usually + can supplement the radiophonic offer FM, contribute to pluralism and renew the image of these media on condition that beginning from now on a phase of deployment significant and fast of Usually + so as to make known this mode of diffusion near a broad part of the public.


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