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Market the large one of the digital terrestrial hertzian diffusion (“Gone 18”): the CSA gives his opinion with the ARCEP

Publication date: Thursday, April 23, 2009
Plenary assembly of April 7th, 2009

The Superior council of audio-visual gave the opinion which the ARCEP required of him on the regulation of the market the large one of the digital terrestrial hertzian diffusion.
For the Council, the maintenance of a regulation ex ante on this market is determining if one wants to respect the objectives set for the cover of the DVB and the extinction of the analogical diffusion.
In addition to a “orientation of the rates towards the costs” would make it possible to reduce the loads weighing on the chains, the Council stresses that the competitor diffusers of TDF can encounter difficulties in the realization of their own infrastructures, either because of constraints in the access to the grounds surrounding the sites of this company, or because of U insufficient update of the radioelectric constraints.
As regards the terrestrial digital radio, the Council asks that TDF be subjected to the same obligations as those which are imposed for the diffusion of the DVB, in particular prohibition to apply excessive tariffs or of ousting on the whole of the sites.
Consult the opinion of the CSA.