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Presentation of the barometer controlled by the Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths

Official statement of the Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Emmanuel Gabla, president of the Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths, Nicolas About, vice-president, Pascal Faure, chief executive officer of Competitiveness, Industry and the Services, Laurence Franceschini, chief executive officer of the media and culture industries, and Gilles Brégant, chief executive officer of the National agency of the frequencies, made public, Tuesday, December 17, 2013, the principal results of the first wave of study of this new Observatory.

Among the striking facts of the first half of 2013, one can raise that: 

  • among the equipment allowing of the audio-visual uses, the tactile ordiphones and shelves record more the strong progressions : at the second quarters 2013, approximately a hearth on five (21,5%) has at least a tactile shelf and a little more than one person out of two 15 years old and more (51,9%) of a ordiphone. However, the television sets and the microcomputers remain the most widespread screens;
  • as regards modes of reception of television, the DVB remains the first mode of reception, present at nearly six hearths out of ten (59,7%). ADSL continues its progression: nearly two hearths out of five equipped with at least a television set (39,9%) state to receive television by this means. The satellite is adopted by close to a hearth on four (24,8%) and cables it by 8,9% of the hearths;
  • a little more than three hearths out of ten have at least two modes of reception, that is to say a progression of 5 points in 18 months. The two modes of reception which are generally used within the same hearth are the DVB and ADSL (combination present at 14,7% of the hearths). Only 33,8% of the hearths receive television only by the antenna rake, that is to say a fall of 10.6 points in 18 months;
  • nearly eight hearths out of ten have at least an adapter DVB HD. Nearly three quarters of the hearths which receive television by the antenna rake are equipped with such a equipment;
  • the park of the radio operator receivers is important: a hearth counts on average 9.6 receivers of radio (car radios included). 35% of the 13 year old individuals and more can reach more than 10 receivers in their hearth.

These results will inform the reflections of the public authorities on the adaptation of the legal framework to the connected environment, on the evolutions of platform DVB and the challenges of the terrestrial digital radio.

This Observatory, made up under the aegis of Superior council of audio-visual, associates the Head office of competitiveness, of industry and the services, the Head office of the media and culture industries and the National agency of the frequencies. It succeeds the Observatory of the equipment of the hearths for the reception of the digital television set up for the passage at the digital whole, in accordance with the law. The perimeter of the studies of the observatory evolved in order to take into account the big changes and the new challenges to which the audio-visual sector must cope: multiplication of the connected screens, generalization of the high definition, digitalization of the terrestrial hertzian diffusion of the radio. At the conclusion of a procedure of making of public contract, the Médiamétrie company was selected to carry out the studies ordered by the Observatory.

The Observatory of the audio-visual equipment of the hearths will publish the results of its work each six-month period.


Consult the results of the first wave of the Observatory.


Contacts presses : Frédérique Bayre – Laëtitia Bréchemier: 01 40 58 36 29

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