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Services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD)

Services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD)

The services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD), like the video on demand or the television of correction, make it possible to view, on the tv station or the computer, in a free or paying way, the audiovisual programmes at the time chosen by the user.

Since the coming into effect of the law of March 5th, 2009, the editors of services of audio-visual mediums to the request such as definite in article 2 subparagraph 6 of the law of September 30th, 1986 fall within the competence of the Council.


Declaration of the editors and distributors of SMAD

The law n° 2013-1028 of November 15th, 2013 relating to the independence of the audio-visual public introduced into the law of September 30th, 1986 relating to the freedom of communication the principle of the declaration near the Council of the services of audio-visual mediums to the request. The object of the declaration is to facilitate the identification of the SMAD, in order to better ensure their regulation and to be able to check the obligations which fall to them.

The declaration is obligatory for the new services of audio-visual mediums to the request. 

The editors whose services were the object of an assessment of the respect of the obligation of decree SMAD transmitted to the Council for the years 2011 to 2014 do not have the obligation to declare the services concerned; they nevertheless are invited to fill this form in order to announce important modifications of their SMAD, in particular:

- change of the person publishing the service;

- modification of/the category (S) of service (S) (television of correction, video on demand per subscription, video on demand with the act).


To declare a SMAD


The editors will have soon the possibility of reaching their declaration via an account on this site and of modifying declared information.

The distributors of SMAD are also held to communicate to the CSA a preliminary declaration of their offer.

For any question concerning the declaration of a SMAD or an offer of distribution of SMAD, you can contact the CSA at the address following:


Obligations of editors SMAD 

The editors of SMAD are subjected to part of the obligations applicable to the editors of television, in particular as regards deontology, of protection of the minors, production and promotion of works. The Council is in charge the good application of these obligations.

The challenges for the Council recover in particular the protection of the minors and the economic development of these new services which have to contribute to the devices of support for the industry of programs within the framework of the decree n° 2010-1379 modified relating to the services of audio-visual mediums to the request published in November 2010.


The control of the obligations of decree SMAD

Article 21 of this decree provides that the editors of these services communicate each year with the Council a declaration relating to the respect of their obligations production promotion of works.

The editors of SMAD can contact on this subject the services of the Council by addressing e-mail at the address:


A report submitted to the Government at the end of 2013

In accordance with article 22 of the decree n° 2010-1379 of November 12th, 2010 relating to the services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD), at the end of the year 2013, the Council gave to the Prime Minister and the Minister for the Culture and Transport a report on the application of this decree. On this occasion, he made an assessment and formulated precise details on the application of the text then stated proposals intended to clarify and simplify the regulation of the SMAD, like creating an environment favorable to these services.


Consult the text of the report submitted at the end of 2013 to the Government.


To also consult the topic devoted to the SMAD on the site Keys of the audio-visual one

Services of audio-visual mediums to request (SMAD)

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