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Diffusion of the campaigns on the protection of the young public

Official statement of the Friday, November 15, 2013

The countryside on the descriptive youth, engaged by the Superior council of audio-visual, will be diffused over the screens starting from November 20th, 2013, day birthday of the International convention of the children's rights. 

The chains and the services of media to the request are invited to diffuse most largely possible the two films which the Council designed in 2011. The first, putting in scene a child trapped by the screens, is to the families while the second, using a puppet, addresses more particularly to the children.

This countryside, which will be diffused until the end of December, intends to sensitize the public with the impact of the images on the children, with the multiplication of the screens and their good uses. The Council invites the families to be connected on the site in order to continue the dialogue.

This platform, devoted to the protection of the minors, offers to the public a space of dialogue with the CSA: the people concerned or interested by this subject are highly invited to testify, ask questions or to give their opinion. Two interactive spaces are thus placed at the disposal of the public of which one is entirely devoted to the young people who wish to make share their experiment with respect to the images and of the screens.  

Throughout all this countryside, the interactive pages of the site will be open. The experiment having been conclusive in 2012, the Council decided, this year, to lengthen the period of opening of the interactive pages at six weeks instead of the three initially envisaged. 


The campaign for less than three years

The countryside on the descriptive one will be preceded, this year, of the diffusion of the countryside on the protection of the children of less than three years: during three days, starting from November 17th, the chains will diffuse audio-visual contents which they produced, beginning again in the form of their choice (messages, reports, emissions of plate…) key messages of the Council sensitizing the public with the harmfulness of television for the toddlers (“ Pas d' screen before 3 years ”, “ television is not always a game of child ”).

In addition, the CSA, on these significant questions of descriptive continues the committed approach and the dialogue this year in order to better protect the young public and as far as possible to limit the programs violent one in first part of evening.


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