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The CSA defines four principles for connected television

Official statement of the Monday, December 5, 2011

Michel Boyon, president of the Superior council of audio-visual, defined the position of the institution vis-a-vis the development of connected television, at the time of a symposium organized on Monday, December 5 by the HD Forum and the HbbTV Consortium.
Noting that it is still difficult to envisage the extent and the consequences of the phenomenon, it underlined the risks that this one could comprise for the economic equilibrium of the chains, the financing of the French audiovisual production and cinematographic and the freedom of choice of the televiewer. However, the Internet is more one complement that a competitor of the audio-visual one, as the success of the television of correction shows it.
Michel Boyon insisted on the respect of four principles to which the Council is very attached:
- refusal of any retreat in the definition of the fields justifying a regulation (child protection, dignity of the person, consumer protection, pluralism, etc);
- lightening of certain regulations weighing on the chains (chronology of the media, ceiling of concentration, circulation of works) without attacking the interests of the creators.
- obligation for very undertaken drawing a trading income from a work to take part in the financing of creation;
- development of a coregulation with the professionals for the audio-visual contents circulating on the Internet.
The Council will set up, in January 2012, a commission of follow-up of the associating use of connected television, of the representatives of the public authorities, the professionals of audio-visual and the civil society.

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The speech of Michel Boyon (Four principles for connected television) (format MPEG - 61.16 Mo)

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