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Obligations applicable to the editors of SMAD

Obligations as regards promotion of works

The decree of November 12th, 2010, takes in particular into account the question of the good exposure of European works and/or French original expression. The obligations which it describes apply only to the services proposing at least 20 audio-visual cinematographic works or 20 works in order to exempt the services making a confidential offer of works (article 11).

Quotas catalogues

The catalogue placed at the disposal by the service must respect the same quotas as the linear services, namely to propose 60% from European works and 40% of works of French original expression. These quotas apply respectively to audio-visual works and cinematographic works. However, during three years, these quotas amount respectively only to 50% and 35%.


The decree provides that a substantial proportion of the works exposed in homepage is booked with European works and of French original expression: “(…) on their homepage, the editors of services constantly book a substantial proportion of works, which the exposure is assured differently than by the only mention the title, with European works or of French original expression, in particular by the exposure the visual ones and the provision of bands ads. »

Chronology of the media

The times of provision as of cinematographic works on a service of VAD are subjected, to a chronology of the media, are dependent on their mode of marketing:

  • VAD with the act: 4 months after their exit into the room. A shortening of this time is possible, under conditions; 
  • VAD by subscription: 36 months after their exit into the room;
  • the VAD on a purely free basis for the consumer: 48 months after their exit into the room.

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