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Failures of I-TV: the CSA decides on two settings in residence

Official statement of the Thursday, November 3, 2016

The CSA, at the time of his plenary assembly of this day, pronounced two settings remains about it against the editor of the chain I-TV.

The first door on failures with the requirements of honesty and rigour in the presentation and the information processing, the emission Morandini Live. The second door on the absence of effective operation since September 2015 of the ethics committee envisaged in the convention of the chain, charged with contributing to the respect of the principle of pluralism.

Fault of curing these failures, the editor is exposed to procedures of sanction.

In addition, the concern of the Council increases as for the situation of the chain and with the persistence of the social conflict which she has known for soon three weeks, which is likely to weaken the drafting durably. Even if the Council is not competent to arbitrate a conflict which raises of the labor law, it is particularly attentive so that the editor of the chain, holder of an authorization to use a public frequency, formulates proposals to restore an offer of programs which contributes to the pluralism of information.

Moreover, in conventions which he concludes with the unit from the private editors, the Council takes care to reconcile the independence of the draftings and the freedom of the editor, as for the organization of the service and with the leading programming. In this respect, the Council will endeavour as soon as possible to implement the new provisions of the bill aiming at reinforcing freedom, independence and pluralism in the mediums, adopted by the Parliament on October 6th and currently examined by the Constitutional council, in particular through the installation of committees relating to honesty, the independence and the pluralism of the programs.

Lastly, the Council remains very attentive, in the interest of the televiewer, with the respect of the commitments made by the editor on the nature of the service laid down in convention like with the absence of confusion between information and entertainment.

Consult the decisions of formal notice below.


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