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The enrichment of television thanks to the digital one

The enrichment of television thanks to the digital one

The opportunities given by digital terrestrial television (DVB) are not limited to the simple replication of the offer of programs of analogical television, with a better quality of image and more chains. Thanks to enrichments which the digital signal can bring, the DVB can be a more flexible platform, allowing the development of the service offering diffused by terrestrial hertzian way, and of features simplifying the experiment of the user.

This development is progressive and must be carried out without disturbing the good performance of the already deployed services and the features which they offer (i.e. by ensuring a compatibility with receivers DVB present in the hearths since they respect the standards in force). The Superior council of audio-visual thus works on the enrichment of the terrestrial hertzian platform by preparing the introduction of these new features in particular through the profile of indication which it defines with the participation of experts of the sector.

The prospects for enrichment of the DVB concern in particular:

  • hybrid interactive services (HbbTV) which establish a bond between the DVB and Internet through applications in relation to the programs of the chains, with the universe of the chains, even without direct relationship with the chains like in the case of interactive portals; services whose methods of posting can be varied, energy of the overprinting or the division of screen with the chains on which they are dependent until the exclusive use of the principal screen or the connection with a secondary screen, sometimes called companion (shelf, etc)
  • an electronic guide of programs (GEP) providing information on the program in progress and to come, with a visibility over one longer period to even facilitate navigation in the service offering audio-visual, even the programming of personal recordings. An electronic guide of the programs enriched would allow, for example, a short description of the programs to come or the access to the television of correction while pointing out the minimal age recommended for each program according to the descriptive youth of the CSA and thus making it possible to draw the benefit from the systems of automatic filtering of the contents normally present in all the receivers, for example so of the parents wishes to make sure that certain programs cannot be seen by their children if they exceed a certain level of descriptive;
  • additional enrichments : sound track in original version with the possibility of a subtitling in French or in another language, of a spatialized sound 5.1, a track of subtitling bound for the deaf or deaf people, a track of audiodescription bound for the blind people or malvoyantes, etc;

- other services with strong audience : distribution of electronic newspapers, of contents audio-visual or not, likely to be recorded for a later consultation on adapted terminals, since they gather a sufficient audience so that the distribution costs are less important through a system of broadcasting (not with multipoint) that through communication networks electronics (more generally point-to-point) on which the multiplication of the diffusion of the same contents bound for multiple users is particularly consuming a rare and expensive resource;

- other acceptance requirements : for contents with strong audience, possibly with strategies of temporary storage according to beforehand well informed centers of “interest, a strategy of distribution in broadcasting can be less expensive qu” through the networks known as “mobile”