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The enrichment of television thanks to the digital one

The enrichments made possible by the digital one: Interactive services

The enrichment of the TV thanks to the digital one

With the generalization of Digital terrestrial television, the television sets knew a strong technological change these last years. One of the major stakes for the manufacturers is to bring new features to their customers in order to emphasize their products and if required to associate with it a platform of interactive services, sometimes related to the visualization of the TV channels.

For the editors, the valorization and the control of the screen and elements likely to be associated with their chain, sometimes in substitution of information which they could wish to place at the disposal of the televiewer, thus becomes also a major stake.

Suitable for connection television sets

A new category of screens, the suitable for connection television sets, made their appearance on the market. These television sets, equipped with an Ethernet catch or a Wifi connectivity or CPL, are able to treat a digital signal transmitted by protocol Internet (IP), by ADSL, cable or optical fiber for example and take in charge of the interactive applications obtained by this new connection. For example, these applications can propose to the televiewers of the videos, an interactive complement with the programs or a portal offering the weather, of the online games, information on the news, possibly of the TV channels only diffused on Internet, etc

This evolution of the television sets, or the external adapters, facilitates today the creation of footbridges between the world of audio-visual traditional and the services multimedia online. It results a convergence from it from the services on the doubly connected television sets, for example with the signal of the DVB and an ADSL case, which takes part in the new concept of connected television where combination of the two data sources, possibly bound for different and complementary screens (for example: television set and shelf), contribute to an experiment user enriched. More, click here.

The HbbTV standard

In June 2010, joint work of the European editors of television services, with the contribution of the group “interactivity” of the HD Forum, which gathers the principal French editors and of the manufacturers of television sets, led to the specification of a standardized platform of interactive television, named HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband Television).

This platform aims at the development of hybrid services of television combining the audio-visual services diffused by hertzian way (Broadcast) with transmitted complementary contents whole or part by Internet (Broadband).

This technology, available on the first television sets since spring 2011 and on the first channels since the summer 2011, should develop quickly. It potentially brings a material change in navigation within the television services of the DVB by allowing the enrichment of the programs and an interaction of the televiewers with the contents within the framework of a leading environment controlled by the chain. This standard thus makes it possible to enrich the television services including without connecting television to Internet, since part of the data is diffused directly by the DVB. It is thus possible, on its television set, to reach information, the weather, or information in keeping with the program in progress (statistics of the tennis players that one looks at, the cooking recipe which is presented…).