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Sound intensity of television

Sound intensity of television

All the televiewers feel it, some complain some: the advertisements or of self-promotion of the chains often oblige to leap on the remote control to lower the emergency sound.

To on the matter frame the practices of the chains, largely dependent on the producers of contents, required a deepened technical reflection, now succeeded, for:

  • to identify the method of measurement of the relevant sound intensity (in other words to answer the question “how of measuring the impression produced by the sound? »),
  • to guarantee the feasibility of control a priori by the chains of the diffused sound intensity,
  • to take into account existing it (already recorded programs, live programs,…).

After dialogue with the actors of audio-visual French, the CSA adopted on July 19th, 2011 of the precise technical recommendations as well as a calendar in which the chains, and thus the producers as well for the advertisements as for the programs, will have to fit for a progressive improvement of the conditions of auditive comfort of the televiewer.