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Campaign and methodology measurement of the sound intensity of the TV channels

Publication date: Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Plenary assembly of July 24th, 2012

At the time of the future series of measurement of the sound intensity of the TV channels, the Council will evaluate the sound intensity of the whole of the free national chains of the DVB by including LCP, Public Senate, Arte, certain chains paying of the DVB (Canal+, Canal+ Cinema, Canal+ Sport, Eurosport, Planet, TF6, LCI and Paris Première), certain music channels except DVB (Trace Urban, Clubbing TV, Trace Tropical, NRJ Hits, Ofive TV, Top MCA, M6 Music, Beblack, Just 4 Talent) like certain foreign chains (BBC World, Deutsche Welle, SPOKE Uno, Canal3 World, TVP Historia, Armenia 1, Turkish TRT, Hannibal TV, Tunisian TV, French CCTV, RTL9, Boing and Liberty TV).
So that these measurements are realizable, the Council sent a mail to the distributors of the chains concerned so that they make their active contribution to give access to him the audio-visual flows distributed on their networks (ADSL, satellite, cable, etc) and before restitution by the decoder.