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Report at the Parliament on the sound intensity on television

Publication date: Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In accordance with article 177 of the law of the bearing July 12th, 2010 national engagement for the environment, the Council gave to the Parliament, for the year 2011, his report on the obligation of the TV channels to respect an equal sound volume, which it is the televised programs or the pages of advertising screens. Since the year 2010, in complement of the completion of the passage to the digital whole, the Council took several initiatives to improve quality of the service offering on the terrestrial hertzian platform. It thus adopted, on July 19th, 2011, a deliberation fixing of the technical methods and a calendar which the chains and the producers must respect. This action pionnier of France, from now on followed by other countries such as the United States of America, Switzerland, Canada or the United Kingdom, is the fruit of a conciliation work which was carried out with the whole of the professionals and the specialists in the sound and which took account of the parallel development of technical expertises within French and international organizations such as the technical higher Commission of the image and the sound and the European Union of radio-television. The Council will be ensured, in 2012, of the application of its decision by the editors, while carrying out measurements of the sound intensity.

The report specifies that a better management of the sound intensity by the distributors of television services, the manufacturers of receivers, or the editors of services of audio-visual mediums to the request is today necessary. Each one of these actors can indeed have a share of responsibility in the sound experiment lived by the televiewer. The Council thus suggests an evolution of the legislative framework and lawful who could contribute to improve the situation.