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Personal mobile television

The call to the TMP candidatures

Personal mobile television (DOADT)

As for any department of communication audio-visual using rare hertzian resources, the Superior council of audio-visual launched an appeal for the candidatures for the chains of TMP. But prior to launching of this call, the Council collected the observations of the actors through a launched public consultation on January 17th, 2007. This consultation was intended to make it possible to the actors to be expressed on the radioelectric resource, the services and the contents adapted to TMP like on the economic model being privileged for this new service.

Official statement n° 609 of January 17th, 2007: the Council opens a public consultation

It is come out from this consultation a broad interest for the launching of these media because of reciprocal complementarity between the point-to-point TMP and telecommunication networks, in the process of saturation.

However, several uncertainties were put at the day: does one need a free access or paying? On which actors was to carry the development cost of this new network of diffusion? Which were to be the technical and operational methods of deployment of the new services? To examine these questions, of the working groups were made up at the summer 2007 from the point of view of launching of one call for candidate to the autumn 2007 and in order to establish a consensus of the parts to the project.

Official statement of June 14th, 2007: The Council adopts the synthesis of the contributions 

After having planned the resource in order to ensure a deployment multi-city of TMP, covering 30% of the French population as of its launching, the Council launched the call for candidate on November 6th, 2007. The objective was to arrive at the starting of the service at the time of the Olympic Games of Beijing at the month of August 2008. Thirty-six files were then transmitted to the Council.

Decision of the CSA: The Council launches an appeal for the candidatures

Official statement of January 21st, 2008 on the admissibility of the candidatures

At the time of its plenary assembly of May 27th, 2008, the Council retained 13 chains to which are added the 3 channels booked to the public sector. The Council wished to give chances of success to TMP, by selecting chains profiting from a strong notoriety and gravitational for the televiewer, but also formats innovating and adapted to mobility. In accordance with article 30-7 of the law, the Council also booked part of the multiplexing for the diffusion of services other than of radio or television.

Official statement of May 27th, 2008: candidatures selected

List of the 13 private channels selected (alphabetical order):

  • BFM TV
  • Canal+
  •  Direct 8
  • Europa Body TV
  • Eurosport
  • I-TV
  • M6
  • NRJ 12
  • NT1
  • Orange Sport
  • TF1
  • Virgin 17
  • W9

The three chains of the public sector are: France 2, France 3 and Arte.

In spite of the attention paid by the Council with the launching of TMP, of the delays quickly occurred because of difficulties encountered by the actors to work out a viable economic model. In a delicate advertising context, the candidates selected by the Council wished to spare an additional time at the end of 2008 before engaging front in the procedure having to lead to the delivery of the authorizations.