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The CSA delivers the authorizations with the 16 chains of the TMP and wishes a strong commitment of the authorities in favour of the digital radio

Official statement of the Friday, April 9, 2010

The Superior council of audio-visual, joined together in plenary assembly on April 8th, 2010, delivered an authorization to emit with the 13 private channels (1) which it had selected following the call for candidate for television services mobile personal (TMP) and with which it had concluded from conventions on September 30th, 2009. He also granted authorizations to the three public channels chosen by the Government (France 2, France 3 and Arte).
These sixteen chains have from now on two months to jointly present to the Council a new company, which will be charged to ensure the technical operations necessary for the transmission and the diffusion of the programs.
The Council also examined the continuations to be given to the call for candidate in progress for the issue of permits out of terrestrial digital radio (RNT) on the zones of Paris, Marseilles and Nice, as at work of the mission of deployment of the RNT (2) which it installation on November 23rd, 2009.
During work of the mission, the Office of the radio (RTL, Europe 1, Group NRJ and Radio operator Next Group) wished “a 18 months moratorium”. In addition, if a majority of representatives of the other radios declared itself favorable to the fast launching of the RNT, some wished the taking into account of the standard Usually + and required a strong support of the public authorities, in particular with regard to the costs of technical diffusion.

At the end of this first phase of reflections and é exchanges, the Council reaffirms its commitment to apply the relative law to the terrestrial digital radio, major element for the digitalization of audio-visual French. It guarantees a reception free by the listener, easily accessible and allows an offer of radio widened on the whole of the territory.

The Council considers that an implication of the public authorities, as it was the case for TMP, is the essential condition of the success of the terrestrial digital radio and of the launching of new calls for candidate in other zones.
It wishes that the Government examine new of the favorable conditions to the fast deployment of the RNT, in particular on the question of the technical standard of diffusion, in the light of the experiment of the other countries having launched the RNT, like on the methods of financing of the project.

(1) BFM TV, Channel +, Direct 8, Europacorp TV, Eurosport France, I-TV, M6, NRJ 12, NT1 Remix, Orange Sport Information, TF1, Virgin 17, W9.

(2) This mission, which associates all the categories of actors of the radio (editors public and deprived, diffusion, manufacturers of equipment, representatives of the ministries concerned: ministry for the culture and the communication, ministry for the economy, industry and the use, secretariat of State to the futurology and the development of the digital economy), was created in order to determine the conditions of success of the digital radio, as well for its launching as its future.