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The CSA receives the chains selected for the TMP

Official statement of the Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Superior council of audio-visual received, this Tuesday, December 2, of the representatives of the whole of the editors selected for personal mobile television, in order to take stock of vancée negotiations in progress with the distributors.
These editors reaffirmed, in front of the Council, their confidence in the future of the TMP and the standard of diffusion DVB-H which is the best means of diffusion.

They informed the Council of their joint position on the economic model, and insisted on the need for a collaboration between editors and distributors to ensure the success of TMP in France.
The Council took note of the continuation of the negotiations with the distributors and supported the process in progress.
It was agreed that a new meeting would take place to very soon give new a progress report on this file, so that the effective launching of TMP can take place as soon as possible.