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Personal mobile television

Uncertainties and the question of the economic model of TMP

Personal mobile television (DOADT)

Conversations were then started, under the aegis of Mr. Emmanuel Gabla, president of the working group “New services”, between the editors, the distributors and the diffusers to arrive to a viable economic model.

A new stage was reached at the end of the month of September 2009, when all the preselected editors returned to the Council their signed conventions, then another still on April 8th, 2010, when the Council delivered the authorizations to emit. The editors then had two months to appoint the technical operator charged to manage the multiplexing of their services. Official statement of April 9th, 2010: The CSA delivers the authorizations with the 16 chains of the TMP

On June 8th, 2010, the Council took note of the decision by the editors of the TMP of the operator nomination of Mobmux multiplexing, subsidiary of TDF. This last had in addition concluded an agreement with the virtual operator from mobile network Virgin concerning the financing of the network, supported by TDF, which would be then remunerated by the distribution of the services organized by Virgin Mobile. The Council also took note of it on April 22nd, 2010.

Official statement of April 22nd, 2010: the Council satisfied with the agreement between Virgin Mobile and TDF 

At the end of the year 2010, the situation had hardly developed. TDF launched a consultation “TMP 360” with an aim of identifying technological and economic assumptions finally favorable to the launching of the project. But because of many uncertainties and for economic reasons, Virgin Mobile decided to withdraw project prepared with TDF. At the beginning of 2011, it is with the turn of TDF through its Mobmux subsidiary, to wonder about the future of the TMP project. In June 2011, Mobmux confirmed its withdrawal of the project, in particular in the absence of viable economic model for the diffusion of TMP.

The Council thus took note of this withdrawal and decided on October 18th, 2011 to grant new a two months deadline to the editors to carry out a joint designation of a new operator of multiplexing. This time expired on January 4th, 2012 without an operator of multiplexing not being appointed. The Council thus noted, at its full session of February 14th, 2012, the abandonment of the process.

In a preoccupation with a good management of the radioelectric resource, it thus decided to withdraw the authorizations of use granted to the sixteen editors authorized following the call to the candidatures of November 6th, 2007 (v. decision n° 2012-275 of February 14th, 2012 withdrawing the decisions n° 2010-200 with n° 2010-215 of the bearing April 8th, 2010 authorization of use of radioelectric resources for the diffusion by terrestrial hertzian way in digital mode of television services mobile personal).