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A big step towards the launching of personal mobile television

Official statement of the Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For the Superior council of audio-visual, a very important stage comes to be crossed towards the launching of personal mobile television (TMP) with designation, by the editors (1) of the sixteen chains, of their common operator of multiplexing. The three public channels chosen by the Government and the thirteen private channels selected by the Council retained as operator the Mobmux company, subsidiary of TDF.

After the delivery of the authorizations by the Council on April 8th, 2010, the editors had a two months deadline to appoint their operator of multiplexing, which will have in particular to choose the technical diffuser. This designation makes following the agreement concluded between the companies TDF and Virgin Mobile for marketing from TMP at the end of the year 2011.

The editors and TDF will have to define the technical requirements and financial marketing of TMP.

Before delivering in Mobmux the authorization envisaged by the law, the Council will collect, as this one imposes it, the opinion of the owners of mobile telephone networks.

The operator nomination of multiplexing made jointly by the sixteen chains shows the awakening of the need for the launching of the TMP, for which the Council always began with determination.

(1) Editors of the services: Arte, BFM TV, Channel +, Direct 8, Europacorp TV, Eurosport, France 2, France 3, I - TV, M6, NRJ 12, NT1 Remix, Orange Sport Information, TF1, Virgin 17, W9.