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Sport and audio-visual

Sporting Park (DC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by brent flanders-Flickr

The events sportsmanS constitute media events impossible to circumvent for the audio-visual one. They built, and continue to do it, the history of the audiences TV and radios. The sport thus continued like an engine of attractivity as well out of radio as in television and from now on on Internet.

The importance of the sporting programs for the audio-visual mediums justifies a day before and an action regulator. Its objective is to guarantee the access of the largest audience to the sporting great events while respecting the investments of the chains for the acquisition of the rights of diffusion like the protection of the interests of the organizers of competitions.

The diffusion of the principal sporting events on television is governed by a decree which fixes the conditions in which by the chains the exclusive retransmission the events known as “of major importance mustbe assured” so that an important part of the public is not private possibility of following them on a free channel.

Consult the relative order with these retransmissions 


With regard to the sporting competitions of which the rights of diffusion are held by a chain, the CSA moreover defined the notion of the “briefs extracted” and their terms of dissemination in the N°2014-43 deliberation of October 1st, 2014

Consult the N°2014-43 deliberation of October 1st, 2014