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Report on the diffusion of the sporting female practice on television

Publication date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Since many years, the question of the representation of the female sport in the media is a subject of reflection of the public authorities as well as the place of the women in the sporting authorities and the economy of the sport and, more largely, the conditions of the practice of the sport by the women.

Within the framework of his missions consisting to accompany and anticipate the evolutions of the company in the audiovisual landscape, as regards diversity, of the women's rights or of the public health, the Superior council of audio-visual sticks to the promotion of the female sport on television and the radio. It follows in particular with attention the diffusion of female sporting events and the place of the women in the treating whole of the programs of sport.

The first part of this report makes the synthesis of the studies and analyses of the Council on the matter. 

The second part exposes the principal objectives of the 4 seasons operation of the female sport launched in 2016 with the Ministry for the sports, the Ministry in charge of the women's rights and the Olympic and Sporting National committee French (CNOSF). The Council draws up the balance sheet of the first season of this operation [1], at the time of which the CSA incites the chains of television and stations of radio to devote part of their programming to the mediatization of the female sporting practice at the time one weekend, and more largely learns the positive lessons from the operation in its globality.