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Cohabitation of the DVB with the mobile networks of 4th generation

Establishment of a process of deployment for a site 4G-LTE 800 MHz

Under the aegis of the ANFR in charge of the good cohabitation of different the affectataires from frequencies and Co-person in charge with the CSA of protection of the reception of television, of the methods of deployment of the 4G – 800 MHz established in particular starting from this experimentation were integrated in the procedure of authorization of the ANFR (Comsis) to which all the affectataires are subjected [1].

Within this framework, a “guide of constitution of a file COMSIS for a site LTE-800 MHz” [2] was elaborate in dialogue with the operators, the ARCEP and the CSA, in order to determine the actions and the data complementary to share and necessary for a deployment 4G – 800 MHz, of which:

  • The implementation of a communication, in particular of proximity, mainly on the number of the call center of the ANFR in order to guarantee the good routing of the complaints of the televiewers impacted for a good taking into account and within the best times;
  • The implementation of solutions of treatment of jammings of the DVB, in particular by the use of a filter referred to install if necessary at the user, with the load of the mobile operators, having the minimal characteristics protecting from all band 4G-LTE without deteriorating band DVB;
  • Fixing of target of time of remediation lower or equal to 3 working days;
  • The taking into account and identification in the preliminary studies of the protection of relay transmitters DVB supplied with another transmitter and being able to be disturbed by stations 4G-LTE 800 MHz, i.e. the protection of pilotings.

[1] simple Opinion for the authorizations delivered by the safe Council for the questions of exposure of the public

[2] the guide is downloadable on the site of the ANFR:

Guide of constitution of a file COMSIS for a site LTE 800 MHz