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Cohabitation of the DVB with the mobile networks of 4th generation

Protection of the piloting of relay transmitters DVB controlled in UHF

The experience feedbacks of Saint-Etienne and first deployments LTE 800 MHz of the mobile telephone operators showed that all the commercial pilots and deployments did not cause at the date of the month of February 2014 any jamming of relay transmitters DVB controlled in UHF [1]. However in order to prevent very possible jamming, the mobile telephone operators accepted, under the impulse of SCUMS, the ANFR and the ARCEP and in agreement with operators DVB and their diffusers, to carry out systematically a test at the time of the commissioning of a station LTE 800 MHz, for any relay transmitter DVB controlled in UHF and located at a distance lower or equal to 500 meters of station LTE 800 MHz.

In a point of the zone of service of relay transmitter DVB controlled UHF, so for only one of the multiplexings diffused by this relay transmitter, a degradation [2] of the department of communication audio-visual is observed, a curative action of remediation is then put in work on the reception of relay transmitter DVB controlled in UHF.


[1] Ultra high frequencies.

[2] a degradation which can take the shape of a total interruption of the service, a gel or a pixellisation of the image and/or of a sound interference.