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Reception of the DVB by the antenna “rake”

Reception of the DVB in collective habitat

The management of the collective installations of reception is paramount in the buildings, because it makes it possible to guarantee the good reception of the DVB for the inhabitants. When changes of diffusion intervene in the zone, it is essential to anticipate work of adaptation of the installation, in order not to at the proper time lose the benefit of the chains of the DVB.

Right of the condominiums

In a general way, the installation or the modification of a collective distribution network interns with a condominium is a decision taken as a general meeting in the majority of all the joint owners, pursuant to the J of article 25 of the law of July 10th, 1965 fixing the statute of the condominium.

Right to the individual antenna

If you are not satisfied with the means of reception suggested by the manager of your building, you have the possibility, under certain conditions, to equip you with an individual antenna. This one can be hertzian or satellite, and its installation will be done then with your expenses

The French law ensures a “right to the antenna”, whose methods are described by a decree of December 28th, 1967. It gives the possibility to a joint owner or to tenant to be equipped with an antenna deprived to reach at television services. For that it must inform of it the syndic or owner by registered letter with opinion request of reception. This mail will understand a detailed description of work to be undertaken, as well as television offer which will result from it.

The owner cannot be opposed to this installation “without serious reason and legitimates”, and “notwithstanding any contrary convention, concluded even before”. It should be understood that a possible clause in the lease or contract of condominium is not valid. However the possible danger of the desired installation, or an infringement with the Code of town planning (on a classified site for example), can justify a refusal. It is the same if the syndic or the owner proposes connection with the internal cable network for a price and a comparable offer of chains.

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