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Reception of the DVB by the antenna “rake”

The thorough investigation conducted jointly by the ANFR and the CSA

The thorough investigation conducted jointly by the ANFR and the CSA

Conditions of the opening of an investigation by the national agency of frequencies (ANFR) and the CSA

Two cumulative conditions must be filled:

You can then request an investigation which will be led under the responsibility for the CSA and the national Agency of the frequencies.

Prior to the implementation of the request for investigation described below, you can contact the ANFR by calling the 0,970,818 818 or by consulting the dedicated site:

Procedure to be followed and its unfolding

  • You must fill the top of the form of downloadable request for investigation by specifying that it is indeed a deterioration of the quality of reception and while explaining what changed.
  • Entrust this form to a professional of your choice (a fitter or an organization of control) so that it makes sure that it is not a dysfunction of your domestic facility which causes degradation. This diagnosis will not be refunded to you.

Namely: if the problem is noted by a large number of people in your area, it is very probable that the professionals, who will be able usefully to inform you, will have already informed the CSA or the ANFR, which makes a approach individual useless.

  • Return the request for investigation to the ANFR at the address specified on the document.

The investigation will be dealt with by the ANFR and the CSA within the framework of their mission of public utility.


 Alternative means of reception

So despite everything the reception of the DVB does not function about it, it exists alternative means of reception of television: “Other means of receiving digital television”.

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