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On April 5th, 2016, the DVB passed to high definition (HD)

All with the HD

Digital terrestrial television (DVB) was modernized by generalizing the HD: since April 5th, 2016, most chains are diffused in HD with a better quality of image and sound. This operation was carried out at the time of the transfer of the frequencies of band 700 MHz to the profit as of mobile operators, decided by the Government.

This technical operation proceeded in one night, from April 4th to April 5th, 2016, on all the Metropolitan France. 

This evolution was possible thanks to the generalization of the standard of coding MPEG-4 to the whole of the platform of the DVB. More recent and more powerful, it makes it possible many chains to be diffused in high definition.

Until April 5th, on the 31 national chains which account platform DVB, only 11 were diffused in HD :

  • TF1, France 2, Canal+, Arte and M6 (since October 2008)
  • D1, L'Equipe 21,6Ter, Number 23, RMC Discovered and Cherished 25 (since March 2012)

Thanks to the standard MPEG-4, the number of chains diffused in HD more than doubled


Assessment of the passage to the DVB in HD


On Friday, April 8, the HQ set up to take care of the good progress of the operations closed down. The teams of the CSA and his partners continue however the checks and buckle the last operations envisaged until April 20th in the Rhone-Alps and in its surroundings.


1. The change of the standard of video coding which related to the whole of the metropolis is unrolled without major incident, just as the stop of two national networks of diffusion. A sound preoccupation with an echo on some chains was treated. When difficulties are encountered they appear related on a defect of compatible equipment HD and to the launching of the research of the chains.

The DVB in high definition everywhere in metropolis


2. In Rhône-Alpes and its surroundings, the deployment of 6 new chains HD continues as envisaged until April 20th. On April 8th, in accordance with the forecasts, only about twenty sites are not lit yet. The national deposit rate of the new chains reached 96.8% for an objective of 96.9% at the end of the operations. In the zones still in the course of deployment it will be necessary to proceed to a new research of the chains to find the whole of the offer of chains of platform DVB HD. Quality controls are under development by the teams of the Council deployed on the ground.

DVB HD in Rhône-Alpes region


3. In IDF and its surroundings, the technical operations finished Friday, April 8 and only the site of Trosly-Breuil encountered a problem, treated in the end of the day. Cover DVB HD of this zone thus was completely restored on Friday, April 8 and currently is the object of controls on behalf of the teams of the Council.

DVB HD in area Ile-de-France and its periphery



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