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The audio-visual equipment of the hearths at the second quarters 2015

Publication date: Friday, December 4, 2015

This new wave of the Observatory synthesizes the principal relative information with the audio-visual equipment of the hearths in metropolis for the second quarters 2015.

The follow-up of the progression of the equipment in the hearths confirms that the television set remains the screen most present, with a penetration rate of 94,8% at the second quarters 2015, and highlights that more half of the television sets is connected to Internet. In addition, multiéquipement of the hearths continuous one to increase with an average of 6.4 screens by hearths, mainly in the rather young hearths (the head of the family is old from 35 to 49 years), with child, pertaining to the socioprofessional categories higher and inhabitant than Paris.

Among the hearths equipped with at least a television set, the DVB remains the first mode of reception, present in 57% of the hearths. In a general way, the penetration rate of the various platforms of reception tends to be stabilized. Moreover, more than one third of the hearths has at least two modes of reception, the most widespread combination being always the hertzian mode and ADSL.

Lastly, within the framework of the transfer of band 700 MHz to the operators of electronic communications, and of generalization, in April 2016, from the standard of compression MPEG-4 for the diffusion of the DVB, the platform of diffusion of the DVB will evolve in order to continue the movement of generalization of the diffusion in high definition of the existing chains. At the present time, 7% of the hearths exclusively receive television by the hertzian way all while not having yet equipment adapted to the nearest technological transition from platform DVB. These hearths will have imperatively to level their installation not to undergo an interruption of service at the date of this transition, on April 5th, 2016.