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Other means of reception of digital television


There exist various modes of reception of digital television : the antenna “rake”, the parabola, ADSL, the cable or the optical fiber.

The choice of the most suitable mode of reception depends on your place of dwelling and the exact acceptance requirements which are yours:

  • Do you reside in a covered zone by the DVB?
  • Are you eligible in ADSL?
  • Is your building or district connected to a cable network?
  • Which is the nature of your antenna?

For the people living in limit of the coverage area of the DVB, the Superior council of audio-visual does not have the power to impose on the chains obligations of cover higher than those which are fixed by the law. In this case, the best solution is to resort to another mode of reception. In particular, the law imposes on the chains in light of the DVB the commissioning of a free offer per satellite. Specific unhookings of France 3 to each area are diffused on the satellite.

The selected mode of reception of television is closely related to the geographical site of the televiewer and the quality of the received signal. Other modes of digital reception that television by the antenna “rake” are possible:

  • The reception by satellite via a satellite dish and a demodulator allows a reception of many chains and French-speaking or foreign bouquets. This mode of reception is generally privileged for the people located in remote regions like the mountainous areas;
  • Reception by cable in the cities profiting from an access to the cable for the single-family housings and collectives;
  • Reception by ADSL or optical fiber for the inhabitants in split zone and whose flow of the line is sufficient. Known under the name of offer Play (Internet, Telephone, Television) Triples, it allows by connecting the modem to reach the free channels of the DVB.

This obligation of resumption of the chains (called service antenna) is consigned to article 96 of the law n°86-1067 of September 30th, 1986 relating to the freedom of communication.

Other means of reception of digital television