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Other means of reception of digital television

Digital television by satellite

If the televiewer is not served by the terrestrial digital hertzian diffusion, it can nevertheless resort to the installation of a parabola.

For the metropolis, the law of March 5th, 2009 imposes on the chains in light of the DVB the commissioning of a free offer per satellite. A bouquet called “Fransat” is proposed by the Eutelsat group since its satellite Atlantic Bird 3 on the position Western 5°. This device makes it possible to receive the free channels of the DVB and is subjected neither to the hiring of a terminal of reception, nor with the subscription of a subscription.

This offer proposes, without hiring of a terminal of reception nor subscription of a subscription, the entirety of the free channels of the DVB, of which their version in high definition when it is available, as well as the whole of regional unhookings of France 3. Come to be added other French and foreign TV channels to it, as well as radio stations.

For more information on the characteristics of this offer, you can consult website FRANSAT. You will be able to also compare the prices and the features of the terminals, whose certain models make it possible to record the emissions or to consult a guide of programs.

Check now if your dwelling is located in a covered zone by digital terrestrial television via the search engine “My cover DVB” or adopt the reception of satellite television.

Which are the measures to be taken to pass to digital by the satellite IN METROPOLIS?

You must first of all buy a decoder at a distributor (large surface, store of do-it-yourself or specialized network): pack FRANSAT. It is provided to you with a chart of unbounded access of validity.

If you already had a parabola, it can however be necessary to correct its orientation.

Attention, if you receive television via a collective parabola: the configuration of your collective network (in transposition of frequencies, for example) could return the installation of a free digital offer satellite more difficult.


In the same way that in metropolis, of the offers of complementary reception per satellite are proposed in the various overseas communities. They are however offers different from the offer FRANSAT, whose receivers and cards of access do not give access to the chains of the DVB ultramarine.

These offers are put in work mainly by France Televisions, and it is generally advisable to approach the local antennists and satellite distributors of receivers to reach it, most of the time also in the form of packs including a specific satellite receiver and a map of access.