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Other means of reception of digital television

Cable television and by ADSL

Diffusion by cable network

To guarantee an access to the free national chains of the DVB when the only mode of reception available is the cable, the law forces to the owner of the cable network a “service antenna” as well as an obligation of recovery for the subscribers. It obliges the owner to make a commercial proposition of resumption of the free hertzian chains to the manager of an apartment building.

Thus, on a digital network, the operator must propose the free channels of the DVB at a cost which must remain marginal. In particular, the hearths profiting from a “service antenna” should not be constrained to subscribe a leasing agreement for the adapter which makes it possible to receive the numeric channels. Various solutions are suggested to make it possible to the televiewers to reach the free channels of the DVB under conditions comparable with those which exist for the reception by terrestrial way.

Numéricâble, the principal cable television operator in France, makes since 2009 its antenna service offering in the same technical format as the hertzian diffusion. To receive the free channels of the DVB, it is then enough to be equipped with an adapter commercial or a television set compatible with the DVB. However, all the hearths are not yet eligible and it is advisable to check the availability of the offer at Numéricâble, for example on LE website of the company.


Diffusion by ADSL or optical fiber

The ADSL operators place at the disposal the unit of the free channels of the DVB within the framework of their paying offers, allowing a simultaneous access to the Internet high-speed, telephony and the television services.

For more information on the reception of the chains of the DVB by ADSL, you inform about the website of your Internet access provider.