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December 1st, 2015: The CSA renews his public committee of experts Young person

Publication date: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Council renewed, for one two years duration, the mandate of Mr. Olivier Houdé, professor in experimental psychology of the development of the child, and named, for the same duration, at the committee of experts of the young public of the CSA:

  • Mr. Olivier Andrieu-Gérard, coordinator pole “digital Media-uses” with the UNAF; 
  • Mrs. Geneviève Avenard, Défenseure of the children near the Defender of the rights;  
  • Mrs. Carina Chatain, person in charge of the pole “Education to digital” with the CNIL; 
  • Mrs. Béatrice Copper-Royer, psychological specialist in the child and the teenager, co-founder of association E-childhood; 
  • Mr. Georges Picherot, pediatrist, former chief of the service pediatry of CHU de Nantes; 
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig, honorary magistrate, former president of the Juvenile court of Bobigny and expert UNICEF;  
  • Mrs. Laurence Tellier-Loniewski, lawyer.

This committee of experts of the young public, joining together personalities with various and complementary competences, was created by the Council to enrich its reflection in April 2005.

Its mission is to examine subjects relating to the child welfare in the audio-visual media, to analyze programs likely to raise interrogations and to accompany by work of the working group of the CSA in charge of the protection of the young public.


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