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Adult teenagers, young people and media: the sequencing of the practical media of the 13-24 years

Publication date: Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Commission of reflection on the evolution of the programs, coprésidée per Mme Françoise Laborde and Mme Francine Mariani-Ducray, carried out in 2013 a reflection on the relation between young people (adolescent and young adults) and media in order to better determine their practices of the traditional mediums (television and radio) and their course between the various supports (television sets, radio operator receivers, ordiphones, computers) during one day standard.

This relation between the young people and the media is analyzed under various aspects.

Initially, is asked the question of the offer of programs available in the traditional mediums for this category of the public and of its recent evolution. Is also asked the question of their uses and weight of the various media in these uses, a universe marked by the multiplication and the diversification of the equipment (in particular personal” and generally connected terminals known as “), making it possible to receive audio-visual contents within the hearths or of mobility. The question of the sequences of consumption of the media is also asked over one day standard for this category of the public.

To question this relation between young people and media is to preserve at the spirit one of the essential missions of the Council which remains the protection of the minors on all the supports.

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