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Youth and protection of the minors

The protection of the minors taking part in the television programs

In addition to the protection of the young televiewer, the Council takes care of the protection of the young participant in a TV program.

After a dialogue with the TV channels, the Council adopted, on April 17th, 2007, a deliberation relating to the intervention of minors within the framework of television programs in which it reaffirms the need for the minors for being able to express their opinion and imposes on the diffusers the following obligations:

  • to collect the assent of the holders of the parental authority and the minor himself;
  • as regards treatment of the testimony of a minor, to avoid dramatization or derision, to make sure that the conditions of turning and the questions are adapted to the age of the children, to prevent that the intervention of the minor does not harm his future and to preserve its prospects for personal blooming;
  • to protect the identity from the minors who testify on a difficult situation to their private life when there exists a risk of stigmatization after the diffusion of the emission;
  • to adopt a charter annexed to the authorizations signed by the holders of the parental authority, which defines the methods of the respect of the sensitivity of the children, fixes the conditions of the stay of the minors in the buildings concerned.

In November 2007, on the initiative of TF1, France Televisions, Canal+ and M6, the audio-visual groups adopted a charter common framing the participation of the minors to the television programs.

In order to take stock of the difficulties of application of certain obligations stated in the deliberation of 2007 and to think of the solutions which could be brought, the working group “Youth and Protection of the minors” intended in 2010 the audio-visual independent groups and editors of services resorting to the participation of the minors in their data transmission of program or, as well as a trade union of production companies.

The Council recalled, in a mail addressed to the editors of services, which he took into account in his appreciation several criteria, in particular the nature of the program, the conditions under which this one is carried out, precautions put in work by the editor, as well as the circumstances of and the superior interest concrete cases of the child.

He also recalled that the participation of a minor in a TV program is necessarily subordinated to the authorization of the holders of the parental authority, including when the protection of the identity of a minor in difficult situation is assured.

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