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Youth and protection of the minors

The protection of the minors on Internet

Although nonqualified on the whole of the contents diffused on Internet, the Council lends a great attention to the protection of the children and teenagers on these media.

Various problems of protection of the minors arise indeed, apart from the television services and of radio: possibility of meeting with the unknown ones on forums or cats, confrontation of the minor Net surfer to illegal contents (paedophiles, racists, etc) or to contents booked to the adults (pornographic or to violent ones) and likely it to shock, revealing of the personal data (name, addresses, telephone) by minors unbeknownst to their parents on forums or sites, non-observance of the right of press (defamation, insult, incentive with hatred, etc) or right to the image (use of images of minors without the authorization of the parents) in the blogs held by minors engaging their responsibility and that of his parents, illegal downloading of files, harassing online etc

Thus, the CSA joined several information campaigns aiming at protecting the young public on Internet:

  • The information campaign of the secretariat of State to the family aiming alerting the parents of the potential dangers of Internet and at inciting them to activate parental control (2008);
  • The countryside of the European Commission within the framework of the European programme of child protection on Internet, Safer Internet, intended for the teenagers in order to warn them against cyber-harassing (2009). The Council requested the general channels and the chains intended for the teenagers, so that they diffuse the message on their antennas, which 26 of them agreed to do gracefully;
  • The countryside of the National Commission of data processing and freedoms (CNIL) on the right to the lapse of memory, aiming at sensitizing the young people with the challenges of the publication of the personal data on Internet (2010). At the request of the Council, 36 chains agreed to gracefully diffuse this countryside during two weeks, in March 2010.

The CSA also takes part in the steering committees of the program Safer Internet France, which brings together several actors having for mission of developing tools for description of illicit contents, information and sensitizing of the Net surfers.

It was also associated, as a member of the jury, with the edition 2011 of the European Competition of the best site for children, an initiative of the European Commission intended to identify contents Internet of quality, and to thus better direct the children towards offers adapted to their age.

Finally the Council recently renewed the composition of the Committee of experts of the young public in order to also direct its reflection towards the questions of education and access to the new audio-visual mediums, by naming one in particular representing of association of protection of the minors about Internet.

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