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Youth and protection of the minors

The protection of the toddlers

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Impact of television on the toddler

Television is not adapted to the children of less than 3 years. Before 3 years, the child builds himself while acting on the world: television risks to lock up it in a statute of spectator at one time when it must learn how to become actor of the world which surrounds it.

Indeed, the development of an young child passes by motricity and the capacity to be interacted with the adults who surround it and the objects which it meets. There exist several stages in the development of the child of less than three years: the baby is initially attracted by all that moves then it discovers that it can act on his environment and, as soon as its motricity allows him, it indicates the things and touches. From nine months, the baby imitates without understanding what he sees. Around one year and half or two years, it puts words on the things and understands basic expressions.

Youth and protection of the minors


To develop his capacities, the child must actively use his five directions while being based in particular on the relation with an adult who answers his requests. It needs, to develop, to be perceived like being able to transform the world, which it does for example when it handles of the objects around him. The passive exposure to images diffused on a screen does not support this kind of interaction and can on the contrary slow down the development of the toddler child.

Very an young child exposed on television receives a flow of images and sounds which it does not understand and which can block its development.


Does television calm the children?


The glance of the baby is collected by the screen and the calming effect which is followed from there can give the illusion of a positive effect. However, to the calm of the child collected by the image often will follow an agitation, badly understood paradoxically being able to lead the parents to increase the consumption of television: Serge Tisseron, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, speaks to us here in video about the child “calmed” by television


The deliberation of the CSA of July 22nd, 2008

Being based on hearings of several experts of health and the childhood and on an opinion of the ministry for health deciding against the TV channels specifically intended for the children of less than 3 years, the Council adopted, in July 2008, a deliberation aiming at protecting the children from less than three years from the effects of television, in particular of the services presented like specifically conceived for them. It in particular imposed on the distributors of these services the diffusion of a warning message: “To look at television phad to slow down the development of the children of less than three years, even Lorsqu' it acts of chains which are addressed specifically to them”.

The distributors must also point out this message in their commercial documents and cannot plead medical, educational or teaching virtues such chains.

The annual countryside relating to the protection of the young child

Each year, the editors of television services take part in an information campaign controlled by the Council and disseminated during 3 days, taking again the key messages of the Council on the protection of the toddlers. 

The editors have freedom to transmit in the form of their choice (prone, reports, messages etc) the information put at their disposal by the Council on this subject.


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