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Youth and protection of the minors

Descriptive youth

Descriptive youth

As of its creation, in 1989, the Council worked out a directive according to which the chains were to take care to program, in day and first part of evening, of the emissions intended for the family public. Noting that the level of representation of violence increased with the passing of years, the CSA proposed with the chains, in 1996, the implementation of a common system of classification of the programs: descriptive youth. In 2002, this device was modified to give to the televiewers explicit indications of age.

The recommendation of June 7th, 2005 on the descriptive youth and the classification of the programs defines the various categories of program and fixes their conditions of programming.

The role of the signals on the television programs

The representation or the evocation of topics which can shock children (violence, sexuality, etc) is not censured on television. The protection of the minors must be reconciled with the freedom of communication.

To protect the children, of the signals are affixed on certain programs.  Indeed, the least capacity of the child to take step back compared to the violent images, as compared to other images or messages likely to destabilize it, makes necessary the installation of a protection and a parental accompaniment. The fact of exposing children to programs which are likely to impress them durably is indeed a form of negligence.

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