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Youth and protection of the minors

The youth offer

The youth offer is made up of programs diffused within a box youth and thus clearly identifiable, but also of programs diffused except box youth and concerning the category of program youth taking into consideration beam of criteria like the design of the program (presence of young characters, sets of themes concerning the children and teenagers, language employed etc), its schedules of diffusion, or its specific preparing the login like being addressed to a young public.

The mission of child protection on television also consists, for the Council, to guarantee an offer of programs for the young public:

  • thanks to the programs youth whose development is guaranteed by the volumes of diffusion imposed on certain chains and by obligations of production of works of animation;
  • thanks to an offer of chains youth, in particular free, the Council having encouraged the creation of a chain free youth on digital terrestrial television (DVB);
  • by particular obligations imposed on the chains for the toddlers like prohibition to target the children of less than 3 years, the creation of an ethics committee in particular comprising experts in psychology of the young children and the obligation to regularly alternate programmes of fiction and emissions of awakening in order to respect the rhythm of the child.

In addition to the programs youth, the chains regularly diffuse family programs which more largely seek to federate parents and children. They are generally proposed at hours when both are joined together, generally in first part of evening or in the afternoon for certain bank holidays.

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