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Televised new campaign on the protection of the young children

Official statement of the Monday, February 8, 2016

From February 18th to next February 20th, the Superior council of audio-visual again organizes protection the annual televised campaign of the young children. 

Since 2009, the CSA mobilizes all the chains of television to sensitize the public with the risks related to the exposure of the children of less than three years to television.

The consumption of television is indeed not adapted to the children of less than 3 years. Before this age, the child builds himself in interaction with the world which surrounds it and does not have to be confined in a statute of spectator.

Under the impulse of the CSA, the chains were numerous to carry out a new spot within the framework of this countryside.

The Council greets their implication, each year stronger than the previous years.

In addition to the new spots, reports will be able to illustrate in the emissions and tv news the message of the countryside.

The elements of communication and the new spots will be available on the site of the Council.




Contact presses : 01 40 58 36 29 / @csaudiovisuel 

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