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Accessibility of the programs to the deaf and deaf people

Official statement of the Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Council received one very a large number of complaints relating on the absence of translation in French language of the signs and to the absence or the poor quality of the subtitling of the programs of information diffused since the attacks of November 13th, on the whole of the TV channels.

The law of February 11th, 2005 for the chance and equal rights, the participation and the citizenship of the handicapped people makes obligation with the public TV channels and the private channels whose national audience exceeds 2,5% to make available to the deaf and deaf people the totality of their emissions, apart from the advertisements and from some derogatory programs. 

For the chains whose audience is lower than 2,5%, a convention concluded with the Council fixes the proportions of the accessible programs.

As regards subtitling, the chains whose share of audience is, on average, higher than 2,5%, in particular TF1, the chains of the group France Televisions and M6, have the obligation to subtitle the whole of their emissions. The programs of information diffused since November 13th must thus be subtitled by these chains. On the other hand, the chains of information uninterrupted BFMTV, I>Télé and LCI, whose share of audience is lower than 2,5%, share the obligation of subtitling. However, their convention provides that: “the editor can suspend the diffusion of the newspapers accessible to the deaf and deaf people when an extraordinary event related to the news occurs”.

As regards the translation in French language of the signs, the chains are subjected to no specific obligation, if it is not BFM TV which has the obligation to translate into language signs French its tv news of 13:00 in week, I>Télé which is subjected to the same obligation for its tv news of 16:30 and LCI for its 20 hour old tv news.

In addition, the Council will proceed very soon to check operations of the whole of the obligations of audio-visual accessibility to check the respect and quality of it. The results will be made public from there.


Consult the convention of BFMTV.

Consult the convention of I>Télé.

Consult the convention of LCI.


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