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Study Receiving CSA/Mediatvcom “DVB vocalizing”

Official statement of the Friday, June 22, 2012

“There does not exist in France of receiver DVB which can easily be used by blind people or malvoyantes! »

On the basis of this report, made by associations representing the people suffering from a visual handicap, the Superior council of audio-visual undertook to facilitate the development and the marketing of such receivers for the French public while launching a study, entrusted to the Mediatvcom company, whose it validated the results in plenary assembly on May 2nd, 2012.

The process of vocalization, currently deployed in the United Kingdom and in Spain, is the key of accessibility for the blind people or malvoyantes, since it makes it possible to vocally describe any information normally displayed on the TV screen, such as navigation in the menu of configuration of the receiver, the name and the number of the chain, the title and the summary of the programs in progress or to come, etc

This study allowed:

 to establish the state of the development of television receivers vocalizing in several countries as well as the national legislations in force,

 to fix the functions as such a receiver should propose, as well in metropolis as overseas,

 to carry out an economic study on the development of an accessible receiver DVB for the French market.

At the conclusion of this study, which it will communicate to the Government and the Parliament, the Council suggests that a modification of the legislative framework is introduced in France so that the manufacturers and the distributors propose obligatorily, into their ranges of receivers, at least a product having these functions.

The development of these receivers would make it possible to improve autonomy and social integration of the blind people or malvoyantes, but also of other televiewers for whom technology can be of a difficult access, facilitating the use of the innovations induced by the passage to the digital whole, which it is the access to the audiodescription henceforth available on several chains of the DVB, or navigation in an offer of programs which continues to grow rich. 

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