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The accessibility of the programs

Useful bonds

  • The UNISDA (National union for the social integration of defective auditive) federates main associations representative of the deaf or deaf people who compose the world of deafness in France.
    The UNISDA is the interlocutor of the Superior council of audio-visual on the questions of accessibility of the televised programs to the deaf or deaf people.
  • The site media-soustitres is a portal of voluntary for the accessibility of the media to the deaf or deaf people. This site gives many information, in particular about the subtitled televised programs, the DVD, equipment allowing the recording of subtitling etc
  • The site of the emission the eye and the hand of France 5: this emission in language of the signs is entirely subtitled and represented with the oral examination. She addresses herself as well to the deaf people as with those which hear. Each emission is devoted to a topic illustrated by a documentary film or a report and gives important information. It is diffused on France 5 Mondays at 8:25 (except first Monday of the month) and is repeated saturdays at 22:35 (except first Saturday of the month).
  • The General delegation with the French language and the languages of France gives useful information about the language of the signs on her site.
  • The Canal+ chain put online, on its client space, a space of information in language of the signs bound for the deaf or deaf people. Advisors customers are available Monday to Friday from 9 to 4 p.m.
  • The French Confederation for the Social advancement of the Blind men and Visually impaired (CFPSAA), created in 1948, represents the most important associations which work for the blind people or malvoyantes.
  • Association Valentin Haüy (AVH) created and recognized in 1889 public utility in 1891, pursues the main objective of its founder: to fight with and for the visual defective people for the recognition of their rights, their participation in the social life and professional, the development of their autonomy to the daily newspaper, their information and the information of the general public on the reality of the visual handicap, the means of its prevention and the need always for making evolve the glance that the company.
  • Handicapzéro is an association of law 1901 which was founded in 1987 starting from a report: the visual information is omnipresent and the blind people or malvoyantes do not have access there.
    The site, completely accessible to the visual defective people, gives many very relevant information, in particular in its topic “audiodescription” where the DVD audiodécrits are indicated, next projections in rooms and diffusions of programs in audiodescription on the TV channels. 
  • The French Association of audiodescription (AFA) also gives on are site of much information on the audiodescription of which the programs audiodécrits of the TV channels, DVD or meetings available in audiodescription.
  • Arte proposes to the televiewers who wish to be informed emissions diffused in audiodescription on the chain to be registered with a following newsletter at the address:
  • France Televisions put online an educational site “” , which has a variation “ for all”, with a parallel video stream in language of the signs.

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