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The accessibility of the programs

For the deaf or deaf people: the language of the signs

The accessibility of programs (DPDT)

The French language of the signs (LSF) is a gestural and visual language which makes it possible to the deaf people to communicate between them by signs.
It rests on the language mimicry which make it possible to express by a definite gesture the objects, the actions, the feelings and on an alphabet dactylologic which is used to spell the proper names or the words not existing yet in LSF.
She is more particularly taught with the deaf children of birth, before the training of the reading, in order to enable them to communicate. It is practised by approximately 80,000 people.

On television, an interpreter in language of the signs translated by its epic the audio part of the emission.

Sign language

Legal requirement

There does not exist obligation to on television translate emissions into language of the signs.

Where does one currently find LSF on television?

On three hertzian chains public general practitioners:                                

  • France 2 with the newspaper of information diffused the morning at 6:30 and 8:30;
  • France 3 with the parliamentary questions of Wednesday afternoon;
  • France 5 with the emission the eye and the hand Monday at 8:25 (except first Monday of the month) repeated saturdays at 22:35.

On three chains of information of the DVB: Monday to Friday:

  • BFM TV with a newspaper of information at 1 p.m.;
  • I-TV with a newspaper of information at 4 p.m. 30, also diffused on the website of the chain;
  • LCI with a newspaper of information at 8 p.m.

On a chain of sport:

  • Infosport with a newspaper of information at 15:00 in week and 15:30 the weekend.

On the three chains for the children from 3 to 6 years: for these chains (diffused on the cable), the Council has, after having collected the opinion of associations of people deaf, replaced the obligation of subtitling by an obligation to diffuse, starting from 2010, an emission of training of the language of the signs and, starting from 2011, an emission of the grid in LSF. These emissions, which were conceived by the TV channels with the assistance of associations of deaf people practitioner the LSF, often put in scene deaf actors.

Piwi with two emissions With the country of the signs (training) and Barbapapa (emission of the grid translated into LSF);

  • Disney Juniors (ex Playhouse Disney) with two emissions Bali (training) and escapades of Winnie the bear cub (emission of the grid translated into LSF);
  • Tiji with two emissions On the end of the fingers (training) and Guesses what (emission of the grid translated into LSF in one framed in bottom of the screen).

On two chains for children from 4 to 14 years:

Gulli (free chain of the DVB) and Channel J with Make me signs (training of the LSF) and A which wants to hear it which makes it possible to follow during several days the immersion of an young girl hearing in the world of the deaf persons in order to better understand their difficulties and also their way of apprehending the world.

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