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Public not seeing or partially-sighted person: the CSA signs the Charter of the audiodescription

Official statement of the Friday, December 12, 2008

Michel Boyon, president of the Superior council of has udiovisuel, and Sylvie Genevoix, member of the Council, person in charge of the mission of accessibility of the programs to the handicapped people, signed Wednesday, December 10, 2008 the Charter of the audiodescription, on the initiative of Patrick Gohet, interdepartmental deputy to the handicapped people.
The audiodescription is a technique of description intended for the blind people and malvoyantes. It consists in not describing the visual elements of a cinematographic work or audio-visual to the public seeing and partially-sighted person to give him the essential components to the comprehension of work (decorations, characters, actions, gestural).
The objective of this Charter is to constitute “ a framework of reference for the professionals, with very complete rules of quality and deontology, rules necessary to guarantee a good audiodescription, which satisfies, at the same time, the creators and the users ”, Michel Boyon declared.
He added: “ The audiodescription will experience a significant development like it knew the subtitling or the language of the signs. It is necessary that this development is done on solid foundations. We built them aujourd' H ui “.

Download above the charter of the audiodescription (3234 KB).
See also the intervention of Michel Boyon, on December 10th, 2008, with the Cinema of the scenario writers in Paris.

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