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Vocalizing receiver DVB

Following the report made by associations of people blind or malvoyantes of the absence in France of receivers DVB adapted, the Council carried out a study with the Mediatvcom company, whose results are published below, in order to in the long term allow the development and the marketing of a receiver DVB vocalizing in French language.

Vocalization out of digital television currently deployed in the United Kingdom and Spain is a process which makes it possible to restore, in the form of text message, any textual information normally displayed by the receiver on the TV screen, such as the menu of configuration of the receiver, the name and the number of the chain, the data of the electronic guide of programs, the selected audio track,… and this with the means of the high speakers connected to the receiver.

This study thus allowed:

• to establish the state of the development of television receivers vocalizing in the United Kingdom, in Spain, in the United States and in Ireland, as well as the legislation in force; Report 1: State of the development of vocalizing receivers DVB.

• to define the functional and technical specifications of a receiver DVB vocalizing in French language which is compatible with the network of terrestrial diffusion digital hertzian metropolitan and ultramarine; Vocalizing report 2 functional and technical Specifications receiving DVB (French Version) - Report 2 Talking TV IRD Functional and technical specifications.

• to carry out an economic study for the development of a receiver DVB vocalizing on the French market; Report 3: Economic study.

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