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Developed on “Key not at my station”

Official statement of the Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Superior council of audio-visual received to date more than 25,000 complaints relative to a sequence of the emission Does not touch at my station. Diffused on C8 on May 18th as from 23:30, this one particularly shocked the televiewers and defense associations of rights LGBT.

Noting that this chain had already been the object of two settings in residence for ignorance of the respect of human dignity and encouragement with a discriminatory behavior, the general manager of the CSA transmitted this day this information to the independent rapporteur. Pursuant to the law, this one, indicated by the vice-president of the Council of State, is charged to inform the procedures of sanction. It is only at the conclusion of this instruction, whose rapporteur is the only Master of the calendar, that the Council, after hearing, can come to a conclusion about a possible sanction.

The CSA makes a point of recalling that its general manager already transmitted twice to the rapporteur files relating to Key not at my station on November 23rd and December 20th, 2016, for respectively diffused emissions on November 3rd and December 7th, 2016. He deplores today that one charges the time of the procedure to him whose only rapporteur, pursuant to the law, has the control. It has just received this Tuesday, May 23 the conclusions of the rapporteur in these two files and will be able to thus take the actions pursuant to them which it is appropriate. Hearings of the representatives of the chain will be fixed in order to rule very soon on this business.

The CSA, within the framework as of procedures which are applicable for him, endeavours to make the decisions which concern its competence with the required speed, in particular when the public by his reactions expresses his sharp emotion.

With the experiment, it appears necessary to make evolve the legal framework of the procedure in order to make it more effective and in conformity with the requirements of our missions.


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