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Reality TV: the CSA continues the dialogue with the chains

Official statement of the Wednesday, April 3, 2013

At his full session of this day, the Superior council of audio-visual, deploring the death of Gérald Babin which has occurred during the turning of the Koh-Lanta emission and the suicide of Thierry Costa, doctor A&E doctor, wishes to express his deep unhappiness and his sympathy with regard to their close relations.

Concerned not to interfere in the investigations in progress, it nevertheless decided to reinforce its general request for prevention with regard to the risks which the emissions of reality TV can be carrying.

Since 2001, the CSA is at the origin of measurements reinforcing the precautions of diffusion of these programs and the protection of the participants in these emissions. This concern was marked in particular by a deliberation of 2005 concerning the young public and by multiple recommendations emitted in 2011 and whose stock was taken in October 2012.

The Council, in particular, called the producers and the editors to show the more greatest caution in recruitment of the candidates and also wished that the participants profit from a medical and psychological accompaniment, during turning and several months afterwards.

President Olivier Schrameck and the members of the college decided to entrust to Françoise Laborde and to Francine Mariani-Ducray, Co-presidents of the Commission of reflection on the evolution of the programs, the control of a dialogue with the chains, during next weeks, with the particular concern of the respect of human dignity in all circumstances and the protection of the young public and the minors.

The committed reflection must result in re-examining the current legislation and the regulation, conventions with the chains, the schedules of diffusion, in order to establish an overall recommendation and a charter of good practices inviting producing and diffusion, according to a voluntarist approach, with the respect of common principles of control, in the interest of the participants, the teams of turning and the televiewers.


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